Career Verbal Aptitude Test 2022

Career Verbal Aptitude Test 2022: Try our latest real and free Career Verbal Aptitude Test 2022 Question Answers Practice test online.

The definition of ‘verbal aptitude’ is the capacity for general lexical skills — the understanding of words and the ability to use them effectively.

People who possess a high level of verbal skills often excel in fields such as writing (author, journalist, editor, critic), teaching (language, drama), the legal profession (judge, barrister, lawyer) and personnel work (advocate, human resources, counsellor) and as actors, psychologists, interpreters and interviewers.

Career Verbal Aptitude Test 2022

Mastery of words is seen by many as having in one’s possession the ability to produce order out of chaos. Because of this it is argued that command of vocabulary is an essential measure of intelligence, with the result that verbal tests are widely used in IQ testing.

Verbal reasoning tests are designed to measure basic verbal aptitude. Typically such tests include spelling, grammar, word meanings, completing sentences, synonyms (words that are the same or similar in meaning to each other) and antonyms (words that are opposite in meaning to each other).

The exercises that follow test basic verbal aptitude in a number of disciplines, including synonyms, antonyms, analogy, odd one out and verbal comprehension. For each test a performance assessment is provided. The time limit that is specified for completing each test should not be exceeded; otherwise your score will be invalidated.