UCAT Decision Making Practice Test 2022 Question Bank

UCAT Decision Making Practice Test 2022 Question Bank: You can also download UCAT Decision Making Question Bank in PDF format. Try our free original University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) exam test prep for the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

The Decision-Making section is brand new to the UKCAT in 2017. It replaces an old section called Decision Analysis which involved deciphering the meaning of various coded phrases and is no longer tested.

UCAT Decision Making Practice Test 2022 Question Bank

UCAT Decision Making Practice Test

The section lasts 31 minutes (with one additional minute to read the instructions), and there are 29 questions to be answered – so you need to work quickly and efficiently at a rate of about one question per minute. You will be presented with questions that may refer to text, charts, tables, graphs or diagrams. All of the questions are standalone and do not share data, so make sure to focus on each question independently.

Questions the idea behind this section is to assess how you use information and data to make decisions – a skill that is essential to working effectively as a doctor. the questions come in a variety of styles, but all are focussed on testing your decision-making ability.

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UCAT Decision Making Practice Test

UCAT Decision Making Practice Test

Total Questions: 29
Time Limit:  31 minutes


You will be presented with questions that may refer to text, charts or graphs. Additional information may be presented within the question itself. All questions are standalone and do not share data.

Some questions will have four answer options but only one correct answer; others will require you to respond to five statements by placing a 'yes' or 'no' answer next to each statement.

tail spin

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The government sets time-targets of 4 hours per patient for all UK casualty departments. The intended aim is that at least 95% of patients will be seen and treated within 4 hours of their arrival.

Welford Hospital and Tarth Hospital have their casualty departments’ time-target published for a 10-year period

group 6

Which of the following statements is true?

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Should the UK government continue to fund the building of nuclear weapons?
Select the strongest arguments from the following statements

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It is the school baking competition. Mel, Paul, Tamal, Sue, Mary and Nadia are competing in the final round. The judges have placed their bakes in order from first to sixth place on a table, with the winner closest to the trophy at one end of the table.

Three bakes have been placed between Paul and Sue’s.
Mel came first in the final round.
Paul is further from the trophy than Nadia.
There are three bakes between the trophy and Mary.
Tamal’s bake was closer to Sue’s than Paul’s.
Who was in third place in the final round?

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The charts compare the difference in the disease prevalence for two continents over a 100- year period. Disease numbers are represented where 1 = 1 million people

group 5

Which of the following statements can be concluded from these charts?

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A mobile phone company is analysing two of their products.
The chance that mobile X90 breaks is one in ten and two in forty for mobile X360.
Mobile X90 requires charging twice every 2 days.
Mobile X360 needs to be charged three times every 72 hours.

Considering only the chance of breaking and frequency of charging, is mobile X90 the better product?

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A group of friends are eating dinner at a restaurant.

Four of them ate bread before eating a three-course meal. Two of them ate a main and a
desert. Four people ate a starter and a main dish. Those who ate two courses did not eat any
bread. One person ate bread and one main dish.

Which of the following best represents this?

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A group of friends go on a Ferris wheel and they each sit in a carriage on their own.

Jamie’s carriage is directly opposite the closed carriage.

Farah and Felix are also directly opposite each other.

Alan is on carriage 4.

Ai is on a carriage that is between Farah and the closed carriage.


Who is sitting in carriage 2?

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Nancy and Edward are playing table tennis with each other.

The probability that Edward will lose a table tennis match is 0.8.

If Nancy and Edward play three matches in total, the likelihood that Edward will win exactly two matches is greater than the chance of him winning all three matches.

Is this correct?

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There are two gambling machine games in an arcade:

40 p to play.
50 coins of different colours of which 10 are white.
3 coins are randomly selected and if 2 or more are white you win £1.

£1.5 to play.
Press a number from 0 to 9 inclusive.
If the number pressed is the same as the randomly generated number of the machine
you win £4.

You have £10 and can only use one of the machines. Which game gives you the highest
amount of money at the end, if you use as much of the £10 as possible?

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On Mr Jones’ farm, there are 40 sheep and 30 chickens. Two thirds of the chickens are brown. The rest of the chickens are white. Half the sheep are brown. None of the sheep are black.

Place ‘Yes’ if the conclusion does follow. Place ‘No’ if the conclusion does not follow.

A. There are 20 white sheep .
B. There are more brown chickens than there are sheep.
C. There are no white sheep .
D. There are the same number of brown goats and brown sheep .
E. There no black chickens or black sheep on Mr Jones’ farm.


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Kyle, Celene, Tariq and Maria went shopping together to buy shoes. They each bought different coloured shoes which included the colours red, green, blue and white (not in any order).

The cost of the shoes was £20, £22, £40 and £60 (not in any order). Kyle’s shoes were exactly twice as expensive as Maria’s shoes. The most expensive pair of shoes was white. Tariq’s shoes were cheaper than Kyle’s.

Who bought white shoes?

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Students in a class were asked where they had been on holiday over the last 2 years:

chart 2

Which one of the following statements is true?

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Seven friends are at the cinema to watch a movie. They all sit in one row. Ronnie always sits in the middle. Wayne is sitting in one of the spaces on Ronnie’s right-hand side. Mark is sitting in between Wayne and Jack. Wayne is not allowed to sit next to Ronnie. James is last on the left from Ronnie. George and Tim are also watching the movie with their friends.

Which of the following statements must be true?

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Students have applied for a science scholarship programme. Those who are studying at least three science subjects are being interviewed first.

chart 1

How many students are interviewed in the first round?

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A scientist is testing the effect of two antibiotics, antibiotic A and antibiotic B, on bacteria X and bacteria Y. She grows the bacteria in a Petri dish with different antibiotics and at different temperatures. The number of bacteria is then counted in colony forming units (CFU).


Which of the following statements cannot be concluded from the information provided in the chart?

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Anita’s grandmother, Edith, gave birth to Elisa when she 25 years old. Elisa was 28 years old when Anita was born.

Frederick, Anita’s father, and Elisa married in 1984. Saskia is Anita’s older sister.

Which of the following statements must be true?

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Luke, Lyla, Hans, Chu and Daria are members of an athletics club. They are doing timed 100 metres sprints as part of the selection for the regional championships.
Chu is faster than Lyla.
Hans is slower than Daria.
Luke is faster than Hans but slower than Lyla.

Which of the following must be true?

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Various chefs were showcasing their skills at the London cooking show. Of these chefs, none were men working in the pastry industry.

Place ‘Yes’ if the conclusion does follow. Place ‘No’ if the conclusion does not follow.

A. The chefs at the London cooking show who work in the pastry industry were women
B. There were more female chefs than male chefs at the London cooking show
C. There were no male chefs at the London cooking show 
D. Of the female chefs at the London cooking show, the majority work in the pastry industry
E. No chefs at the London cooking show work in the pastry industry 


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Luke has an un-biased dice. The probability that it will land on the number 5 is 1 in 6.
He throws the dice 6 times and the dice lands on 6 every time.
Luke decides that the probability cannot be 1 in 6.
Is he correct?

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Children were asked to request sandwich fillings for their school picnic. They were given a choice of ham, cheese, egg, lettuce, pickle and mayonnaise.


Based on the diagram, how many students had sandwiches with egg, mayonnaise and cheese, but no lettuce?

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Should Heathrow airport in London build a third, new runway?
Select the strongest argument from the following statements:

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There are eight people queuing up to be seen by the casualty nurse. Mr A is more than three positions behind Mr B. Miss C was not the first to report at reception. Mrs D, Mr E and Mr F are all in odd numbered positions, and Mr G is three positions ahead of Mr H. Mr H is in the back half of the queue, standing in between Mrs D and Mr E.

Which of the following MUST be true?

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Harvey is selling items from his house at a car boot sale. The numbers represent the number of items.

The hexagon represents items that are brand new.

The diamond represents items that cost more than £20.

The triangle represents electronic items.

The oval represents his sister’s belongings.

Factory P38 1

Which of the following statements is true?

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Drug M and drug N are both used for a certain illness.

About 300 out of 3,000 people who took drug M are cured. Of the people who took drug N, 10% of people were cured.

About 20% of people taking drug M relapsed after 2 years and 25 out of 75 people taking drug N reported a relapse after 2 years.

Considering only the chance of cure and relapse, is drug M a better choice?

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Should train companies reduce the cost of annual season tickets for commuters? Select the strongest argument from the following statements:

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Three train companies have trains running between Manchester and Edinburgh. Company A is known for their budget train tickets as they offer the cheapest rates every day except Mondays and Fridays. Company B offers to beat the prices of other compa- nies if a customer provides them with a quote for the cheapest ticket on offer. Company C has decided to drop the prices of their Saturday tickets further which makes it the cheapest rate.

Place ‘Yes’ if the conclusion does follow. Place ‘No’ if the conclusion does not follow.

  • A. If considering train travel on a Saturday from Manchester to Edinburgh, it is best to travel with Company A.
  • B. David wants to travel from Edinburgh to Manchester on Tuesday. If he would like the cheapest ticket, he should approach Company B with a quote from Company A
  • C. Company B sells the cheapest tickets
  • D. If travelling to Manchester to Edinburgh on a Saturday and returning to Manchester on the following day, it is best to book both tickets with Company C
  • E. There is no benefit in approaching Company B with a ticket quote from Company A for
    travel on a Friday


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Some fluffballs are thupps. All snargles are fluffballs. No fluffballs are groshters. Some snargles are lulas. Some groshters are thupps.

Which of these statements are definitely true?

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I have 60 beans in a jar. I remove a quarter of the beans and sort them into white and black. I discard the white ones and then put the black ones back, along with an equal number of red beans.

Given the proportion of white beans in the jar and the sample I removed was 1/3, what is the ratio of white beans to black beans now?

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Several businesses including Factories, Heli and NXM are in the same industrial area. Their buildings are either black or white and are represented by symbols in the aerial view of the area in the following.

Factory X42 is closer to NXM than Factory P38

When people leave Heli via the street B exit, Factory K1 is visible to the left Factory R2D is a white factory

Factory P38

Which factory is represented by the cross?

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