Wonderlic Practice Test 30 Questions Answers

Wonderlic Practice Test 30 Questions Answers” There are a total of 30 sample questions in the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test.

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Wonderlic Practice Test (30 Questions)

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Jessica needs to buy tomatoes. She finds that her neighborhood supermarket sells them in boxes that contain t tomatoes each. She ends up buying b boxes for which she pays d dollars. Assuming the tomatoes are equal in size and weight, which of the following formulas gives the price of a tomato?

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John received $.41 change from a puchase in the drugstore. If he received six coins, three of the coins had to be:

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Below are listed the three principal cost elements involved in a production process. Express the relationship as a ratio in its simplest form.

Element Cost per unit (in pence)
Raw materials 3.6
Direct labour 6.0
Factory overheads 2.4

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Which one of the five is least like the other four?

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Depreciation of £3,700 must be apportioned between A and B in the ratio of 3:7. How much will be posted against the budget of department B?

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Which one of the letters does not belong is the following series:

A - D - G - I - J - M - P - S

The answer is:

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Calculate a working capital ratio for a company financed through current assets of £1.24 million and current liabilities of £310,000. (To calculate a working capital ratio, express this relationship as a ratio in its simplest form.)

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Jack is taller than Peter, and Bill is shorter than Jack. Which of the following statements would be most accurate?

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Calculate the number of positive integers less than 25 that are equal to 3 times an odd integer.

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"John's mother sent him to the store to get 9 large cans of peaches. John could only carry 2 cans at a time. How many trips to the store did John have to make?

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The price of an article was cut 20% for a sale. By what percent must the item be increased to again sell the article at the original price?

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Which one of the numbers does not belong in the following series?

a. 9
b. 7
c. 8
d. 6
e. 7
f.  5
g. 3


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Which of the following statements must be true given that Monica is older than John, who’s older than Briana but younger than Luke?

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There are 16 boys and 8 girls in a class. The day before Thanksgiving, all girls showed up at school but the number of boys who were present represented 25% of the total student population. How many boys were absent that day?

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A training budget of £6,000 is to be split between two departments so that one department gets three times as much as the other. How much does the better-off department get

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Calculate a possible value of an integer given that if divided by 2 and 3, the remainders are 0 and 1, respectively.

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Five houses on each side of Eastside Blvd. are shown in the above figure. A town ordinance requires that no two houses directly across from each other on opposite sides of the street and no two houses next to each other on the same side of the street be painted the same color. If the houses labeled “G” in the figure above are painted gray, how many of the remaining houses can be painted gray?

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Calculate the profitability ratio for a product with a net profit margin of 12.5% on total sales of £978,060.

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Consider two circles, one having a radius that is 3 times the radius of the other. What is the greatest possible number of points of intersection of the two circles?

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Divide 8 by 25

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William is married to Veronica Frank is married to Edna Hank is married to Gloria If he follows the same pattern, is Sam married to Helen, Ruth, or Tammy ?

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If you rearrange the letters "MANGERY", you would have the name of a:

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When 250 pigeons raised and trained on a farm were released, only 50 did not reach the destination 50 miles away. What fraction of the pigeons that were released reached the destination?

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Which one of the five makes the best comparison?

Belt is to buckle as shoe is to: a. SOCK

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Assuming Michael runs at a constant pace and needs 15 minutes to complete a lap around his school’s football field, calculate how much of a lap he will cover in 6 minutes.

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A man bought 2 rare baseball cards, but found himself short of cash so he sold them for $600.00 each. He made a 20% profit on one but had a 20% loss on the other. Did he make or lose money on the deal, and how much?

Enter only the decimal value.

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Mary had a number of cookies. After eating one, she gave half the remainer to her sister. After eating another cookie, she gave half of what was left to her brother. Mary now had only five cookies left. How many cookies did she start with?

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John, twelve years old, is three times as old as his brother. How old will John be when he is twice as old as his brother?

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Mary was both 13th highest and 13th lowest in a spelling contest. How many people were in the contest?

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All 15 students in a music class completed the study of 4 required classic piano concerts. In addition, 3 of them completed the study of 5 contemporary piano compositions, and 5 students gave a recital during which they played a piano work by an American composer. Calculate the total number of assignments completed by the students in this music class.

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