Wonderlic Practice Test 2023

Wonderlic Practice Test 2023. Try our free Wonderlic Review Practice Test Questions and Answers. You can also download the latest printable PDF. There are three sample Wonderlic Practice Tests consisting is 30, 35 and 50 questions.

Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test: – This exam is used by companies and organizations for the selection, training and placement of employees. The Wonderlic Contemporary Cognitive Ability Test (formerly Wonderlic Personnel Test) is used to measure prospective employees’ cognitive ability and problem-solving aptitude for a range of occupations.

Wonderlic Practice Test 2023

COGNITIVE ABILITY OR APTITUDE TESTS measures a student’s cognitive reasoning abilities. They help you know “how” information is learned. (An achievement test measures what a student knows.)

A cognitive ability test measures how well a student can process information and solve problems demonstrate capability for learning, and help predict future academic success.

Wonderlic Practice Test 2023

The purpose of the test is not necessary to assign an actual intelligence quotient or IQ number to test takers. Instead, it provides some idea of an applicant’s intellectual strengths and weaknesses relative to the requirements of a specific job or assignment. Positions that demand more vital mathematical skills, for example, may require a higher-than-average result.

Wonderlic Practice Test (50 Questions)
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Wonderlic Practice Test

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An item was bought for $17.80 and sold for $20.47. What was the percentage profit or loss?

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Your teenage daughter Sally and her friend Monica invented a secret alphabet. You find a note that Sally wrote for Monica using this secret code. Sally tells you that it says: "Hi Monica, Yesterday, ?????? asked me out. Sally" You desperately want to know who the guy is, but she won't tell you. Can you figure out his name from the note?

"Ls Ucvskj, Tbdfboqjt, Ujofsv jdmbq ub cxf. Djppt"

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Peter is helping his gym teacher. The teacher asks him to bring 16 balls from the storage room. Peter can carry 3 balls at a time. How many trips to the storage room does Peter need to make?

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It takes 5 cooks 1 hour to cook dinner. If one of them is missing, how many minutes will it take the remaining 4 to prepare the same meal ?

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Which of the following numbers does not fit the pattern of this series?

64 - 54 - 42 - 31 - 20

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Choose the number that is missing in the following diagram.

Untitled 1

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What is 100 ml as a percentage of 2 litres?

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What is 30% of 55?

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If the value of a computer depreciates by 6% each year, how much is a $650 computer worth after two years?

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Divide 20 by 400.

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George took a test of a certain number of questions, each question having the same value. He answered 10 questions incorrectly. This resulted in an accuracy score of 60%. How many questions were in the test?

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One hundred businesspeople gather at a meeting. 85 of them carry a cellular phone, 80 of them have a beeper, 75 of them speak at least two languages and 70 of them wear a suit. Therefore, a certain number of them have all of the above: a cell phone AND a beeper AND speak at least two languages AND wear a suit. Out of these 100 businesspeople, what is the least possible number who have all of the above?

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"Gina is faster than Jan, and Nora is slower than Gina".Which of the following statements would be most accurate?

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What number goes at the end of this series?

2 - 18 - 1 - 9 - 14 - 16 - 15 - 23 - 5 - ____

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A salesperson receives 8% commission on the value of sales. How much commission is due on $4,550?

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What would be the next number in this series

2 ... 3 ... 5 ... 8 ... 12 ... 17 ... ?

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Niece is to nephew as brother is to:

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Three investors A, B and C contribute $3,000, $4,500 and $10,500 to a business. A dividend of $4,800 is awarded and is shared in the ratio of the original investments. How much of the dividend does investor A receive?

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What would be the next group of letters in this series?

aaaa ... bdzb ... cgac ... djzd ... ?

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What would be the next number in this series:

15 ... 12 ... 13 ... 10 ... 11 ... 8 ... ?

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Express 20:25 as a ratio in its simplest form.

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A production process uses materials A, B and C in the ratio of 4:2:1. If an order is received for 1,050 kg of the finished product, how much of material A is required?

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A group of old ladies meet for an afternoon tea party. They bring all their cats. In all, there are 22 heads and 72 feet. How many old ladies and how many cats are in the room?

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What letter comes next in this series?

O  T  T  F  F  S  S____

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A ratio in its simplest form comprises only whole numbers that have no common factor other than 1. Express 63:18 as a ratio in its simplest form.

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Which one of the following five is least like the other four?

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Let's say that the following arguments are true:

1. Some gatekeepers are warriors.
2. Some warriors are cowards.

Therefore, we can conclude that some gatekeepers must be cowards. Is this conclusion true or false?

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Choose the word that would go with this group.


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What would be the next number in this series:

135 ... 45 ... 180 ... 60 ... 240 ... 80 ... ?

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Hanger is to closet as tree is to:

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A production process uses materials in the ratio of 5:2. If 1,500 units of material A are used in a shift, how many units of B will remain if at the start of the shift the store held 800?

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Divide 110 into two parts so that one will be 150% of the other. What are the two numbers ?

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What would be the next number in this series:

144 ... 121 ... 100 ... 81 ... 64 ... ?

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WOLF is to FLOW as 8526 is to: a. 2856

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The ratio of successful loan applicants to unsuccessful applicants is 4:5. If there are 80 unsuccessful applicants, how many succeeded?

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If you rearrange the letters "ZILBRA", you would have the name of a

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Simon rents a car in the city to go skiing in the mountains 100 kilometres away. He stops halfway to pick up his girlfriend Nina at her house, and drives the remaining 50 kilometers with her. On their way back, Simon drops Nina at her house and drives back to the city alone. He returns the car and pays $50 for the rental and $10 for the gas. Simon and Nina share the expenses equitably. How much should Nina pay?

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Vacuum cleaner is to carpet as broom is to:

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If 7 ballerinas dance for 8 hours and lose a total of 20 pounds, how many more ballerinas dancing would it take to lose a total of 20 pounds in only 4 hours if the new dancers lost weight only half as fast as the original 7 ?

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Emily is four years old. Her big sister Amy is three times as old as Emily. How old will Amy be when she is twice as old as Emily?

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A cereal was found to contain 15% fibre. How many grams of fibre would be found in a 125-gram serving?

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A health centre survey found that 45% of patients travelled less than one mile to the surgery. If 8,800 patients took part in the survey, how many of the respondents travelled less than one mile to see their doctor?

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Find 144 as a percentage of 450.

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It takes 3 litres of paint to cover an area of 24 square metres. What percentage increase in the quantity of paint would be required to cover an area of 50.4 square metres?

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Bowl is to cereal as envelope is to

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What would be the next number in this series:

2 ... 4 ... 8 ... 16 ... 32 ... ?

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Which figure in the bottom row should go in the empty square?


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Joe lost his part-time job, which reduced the net family income by 20%. His wife Janice decided to work overtime to compensate for the lost income. Other things being equal, by what percentage must her net salary increase in order to arrive at the same net family income as they had before Joe lost his job?

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In May last year total sales were $630,000, and in June that year they increased to $693,000. In the current year total sales in May were $84,000, and in June they increased to $90,720. Which year experienced the greatest percentage increase between May and June?

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If a company wins 3 out of every 7 proposals made and it needs to win on average 12 proposals a year, how many proposals must be written in a 12-month period?

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Wonderlic Test Content

The test itself consists of a series of English, reading, math, and logic problems that increase in difficulty as the test progresses. In fact, the first set of questions is generally considered quite easy for testers with average intelligence. The final ten questions or so are considered to be the most difficult, although not too difficult for college-educated test takers. There are no penalties for right or wrong answers, and the basic Wonderlic personnel test can be administered in 12 minutes.